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29-06-2008 - Local Removal Company Boxing Clever

Aware of the impact businesses have on the environment, leading local removal company Loveday & Loveday are trialling a new range of reusable and recyclable packing cartons that will reduce the company�s carbon footprint.

The new environmentally friendly cartons are very similar to the recycled cardboard packing boxes which the company currently uses, with one key difference � they don�t use tape. Held together by a clever interlocking system the cartons do not need the added security of tape to hold them together, thus alleviating damage when the tape is stripped off.

Neil Casling, branch manager of Loveday & Loveday, explains: �We are always trying to do our bit to help the environment and look to reuse and recycle our packing materials whenever possible. However, when customers strip the tape off our current boxes to flatten them down for collection, more often than not, this removes a layer of cardboard causing a weak area. As a consequence, we are not able to reuse boxes as much as we would like because their strength had been compromised. Also, when it comes to recycling old boxes, recyclers will not accept card with tape on it so valuable time is spent removing the tape to make them suitable.�

The new cartons are currently being trialled on a deposit scheme for local moves in the Cirencester area; if the scheme is welcomed by customers, Loveday & Loveday will introduce the new cartons for all moves throughout the company.

Robert Bartup, managing director of Loveday & Loveday, concluded: �Over the years both Loveday & Loveday and our customers have become more environmentally aware, and we feel that it is important we play our part to ensure that wherever possible we use sustainable and recyclable products.�

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