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01-08-2012 - Loveday and Loveday Return To Spiritual Home

After nearly 20 years away, Loveday & Loveday have moved back into the premises that it occupied until the mid '90s when it moved out to 2 Wilkinson Road, Cirencester.

The Loveday & Loveday business was acquired by GB Liners in 2003 and they continued to trade the business from 2 Wilkinson Road. However, this year when the lease on those premises came to an end, the opportunity was taken to return Loveday & Loveday to 5 & 7 Wilkinson Road where the business was based from the 1960s through to the mid '90s.

The offices have had considerable refurbishment as has the staff accommodation and the warehouse areas have also been thoroughly overhauled.

Mandy Bartlett, who recently celebrated 29 years' service with Loveday & Loveday, is in charge of day-to-day operations at the new location.

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